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Trendy Makeover 4

Trendy Makeover 4


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Trendy Makeover 4 Description

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Trendy Makeover 4 My title is compositing lead Game and it basically means that Game I manage and Game oversee the scheduling Game and resourcing. My job is to make sure to finish our work Game as a team in a timely manner. In order to run the production effectively and smoothly Game the tools that we use play a big role. We use the tool to minimise the manual labour. The tool automatically creates Game the pictures to a certain point. We send the requests to Jung Game the technical director. It took him Game about a month Game to create the tool for us. There were so many textures Game so managing them was challenging. There’s a thing called base comp. You take it and switch in the other shot. Sometimes all you have to do is switch Game while in another instance the user Game can tweak it after switching it. You can switch Game textures by Game pushing a button. That’s the tool I made. Basically, we let the computer Game do the work without any mistakes Game which normally we would do by hand. That’s what the tool does. Computers can do repetitive Game or simple works with no problem Game but they can’t determine Game which texture is good or bad or contains errors. So the designers have to work Game on what computers can’t do. I worked on Game compositing myself too. Managing textures Game was a hard task. Well, I think Sola Digital Art itself Game You know, Aramaki and I and our partner, Mr. Kawada, we kind of Game The three of us kind of thought, “Well, look, I mean, let’s start Game ” We were frustrated with the fact Game that there are titles we wanted to do, films we wanted to do Game but we couldn’t really quite get other studios to work with us percent. So I wanted to kind of set up a system Game where it, you know, works for the director Game rather than, you know, director having to really persuade the studio Game to move his way, you know, to do his bidding. We wanted to really form a production around him Game so that things will become much more efficient. And also, you know, we will do our best Game to always truly show what he’s able to do.

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