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    Seeing the blossoms fall makes me realize how time flies. How can I describe this feeling? It’s almost like we can complete each other. This connection exists even when we are apart. It is wonderful when you feel understood and comfortable. How can we stretch the time we have together? What is the secret behind an everlasting relationship? The falling petals look amazing in the air. But this beautiful scenery wilt soon be over. How to keep this bonding forever Games and not let it get rotten? Today seems ordinary and not special. But one day when you look back, today would seem unique and memorable. Can we come back to today when we are in tomorrow? Shuntian City Look! Isn’t she very pretty today? Absolutely! Yes. yes. yes. Exactly what I want. Hold on. Pong! I got it! I got it! Your turn. Hurry up! Fat choi! Win! How come you guys win again? Five tiles of Fat Choi instead of four? Show all your hands! Sell them? Hm! Get out! You want to do Games some business? No. You do look like a radish. taels. Let’s go! Not for sale now. Just name a price. I know what it’s worth. At least taels. Put in the cage. And wait here. Come on. You’re rude. Let me. We haven’t named you yet. Should we not sell it? Hurry up. Turn around. Let’s play hide and seek. I’ll count to three. I’ll hide over there Games and you hide in the cage. Then she will look for us. Understand? Let’s start. One, two. three! No, you should hide in the cage Games like what I do. No, when I count one, two, three Games Why are you so rude? You want to keep it? Yes. Even few more days would be good. Few more days? The result is still the same after few more days. Look, look, it cries. Nonsense. It’s a monster. What emotions could it have? It keeps following us. Isn’t that emotion? You cut your fingers to feed it blood. Of course it’ll follow you. You feed grass to cows and goats. They’d follow you too. What kind of emotion do you call that? Who says cows and goats have no emotions? Why do you think only humans have emotions? Even if it doesn’t have emotions

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