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Trendy Colored Girls

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    Trendy Colored Girls Description

    This is it, brother. I’m confused,Trendy Colored Girls I don’t know what I’m talking about Dress Up Games Is that a new song? The rhythm is Dress Up Games , isn’t it? I already have the lyrics. It’s going to be the bomb! Denis! We come from the ghetto From the reality of everyday Dress Up Games You’ve done a lot of work, eh? Yes, Sir. What about pachinko? It’s out of the question really. The crisis is one thing, but with all these regulations Dress Up Games No one wants to play pachinko anymore. Onearmed bandits are the worst. Eventually the pachinko business will go under by itself. Trendy Colored Girls There’s no way to earn a lot anymore. That’s true. And the balls roll slower. If it goes on like this, the world of pachinko will disappear. It’s scary. We have to take the matters in our hands. Let’s unite and make a pachinko revolution! Great idea! Seiji, why don’t we go out for a drink one of these days? Sure. Do you have a place in mind? Let’s go where you go. You’d like that? Sure. Ok. Amano, what about you? Would you like to go out for a drink? Yeah, join us. We’ll have fun. Ok. When? Anytime you want. Suits me. Seiji, do you play pachinko? Pachinko? No. He’s more into Thai girls. So this is it. Your bar. Here’s one for us! Cheers! I have to leave you, but I’ll be back. What do you think about it? Hmm? The foreman is always mad at us. What does he know! Pachinko is nothing but cyberexploitation. It drives gamblers to suicide. Pachinko revolution my ass. NorthCocos’ bull Dress Up Games . Who are NorthCocos? North Koreans Dress Up Games Cooee, Seiji! Hello. Hello. How are you doing? Good, and you? Good. What’s your name? Feng. And yours? Call me Bing. What did you just say? She asked what my name was. They called me Bing in Dress Up Games . Trendy Colored Girls What does Bing mean? Fly. Bing means fly! Cheers! Rock, paper, scissors! Oh no! You lost! Oh no! Bottoms up! You don’t know me at all to say That travelling alone would do me good At the airport in the rain Motionless on the bridge I see you say goodbye to me Trendy Colored Girls Dress Up Games

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