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Trendy Colored Best Girls

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    Vaya con dios Games Miriam, hold on! It’s cold, sweetheart. Don’t you wanna go back inside? The band’s not through. It’s cold. Do you feel that? There’s a storm comin’. Okay. Okay, what? Okay, let’s get married. I just Games I don’t wanna Games Wanna what? Well, it’s only been a few months Games and it’s still winter, after all. And, look, there’s a storm comin’. It’s just like this one that come through last year. What does that Games I heard it’s gonna miss us. Yeah, but maybe not. You never know. You never know. Some people, they’re just not cut out for this. Sometimes you go out and you don’t come back. Are you talking about the storm Games or marriage, Bernie? I think I’m talking about the storm, right? You’re scared of a storm? No. I don’t want to disappoint nobody. And Games I don’t wanna lose you. I love you. So Games Yeah, let’s get married. You sure? Oh, yeah. When? You want me to pick a date? No! When do you wanna get married? April th. Okay. Okay. April th it is. But, uh, I gotta ask permission from Cluff first. You gotta ask permission? Yeah, it’s from my commanding officer. It’s Coast Guard regulation. But I promise I’ll ask him tomorrow. Okay, Bernie. Let’s get you home. Man, you can dance. Ah, look at that. It’s already starting to snow. Hmm? Can you hear me over this hummin’, Captain? That fracture they welded last month Games is not gonna hold in these seas, Cap. Takes a bad jolt, she could fracture again. I don’t have to go on deck, Cap. I can hear it from right down here. That weld is really hummin’. It’s hummin’, sir. The weld is, uh Games Hummin’. Uh, I’d like to take it down to three knots, please. Uh Games If we don’t slow her down, Captain Games we might not have a, uh Games A position to hold. Uh, no problem, Cap. Uh, holdin’ at seven knots. Thank you, sir. Hey, Pop? I hear it. You wanna go up on deck? Have a look at those crack arrestors Games holdin’ that weld together? Might as well go be get a hat, Popo. What did he say? Uh, he says he would like you Games to consider

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