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    Mmm? The Azoth. Whoa. Ooh. Turn it over to Nebulosa yourself. Give me a kiss, you rogue. Can’t you see I don’t fit? Anyone with half a brain would realise Game You animal! Show some respect, will you! Remember, I’m Dixie, the Novice. Do you hear me? I’m Dixie! My head! My hand! My lady. Look what Gonner brought you! The Azoth Game But where is the young maiden? Oh. You have no reason to worry about that silly child. Dixie. Take her away and prepare my bath. With her blood. What in the world is that? Whoa! Whoa! Oh, man. Whoa! Now that we have the Azoth, I shall be the one to open the portal back to mortality. Our army of zombies will return to the world of the living, ready and willing to execute the plan! What went down here, man? Oh, leave me alone. You seem kinda Game Uh, scattered, little cat. I think Game We should put you back together again and split the scene, pronto. Go away. Listen, cat, Nebulosa’s thugs are crawling all over this joint. I couldn’t care less. You don’t get it. I just saw them drag away this poor old mummy chick. İt was way uncool. Isis? No, she kept saying her name was, uh Game Dixie. Yeah, that was it. That freak is pretending to be me? Why? I don’t know but check this out. Games Found it on the floor. Games Oh, Isis. Okey Games dokey, let’s see Game What’s this? Oh, your arm. Girl, you are bony! I’ll put it here. Let’s see Game Oh. It fits! Now where did I put your leg? So you’re Vitriol, right? The zombie burn who lives in the woods. I’m a traveller, dig? And thanks to my trips, I find out what’s going down in the woods. Know what I mean? I’ve been looking for you. Groovy. Here I am. What’s up? I need your help to find Nebulosa. What? Hey, little cat. You can forget that plan. Nebulosa has the Azoth. Nebulosa? How? But why? According to the legend, it is the Novice who must utilise the Azoth’s magical powers to open the portal so that the dead can return to life and make the world a better place. But you, my lady, have opened the portal.

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