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Top model show Time

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    Oh, come on! My cereal’s gonna get soggy. I’ll get him when I’m done. Do as I tell you and do it now! Maybe his alarm didn’t go off. He was up running around in the middle of the night. No wonder he’s exhausted. mouths Tell him he’s not missing school. I don’t care what his excuse is. Hi. MOM: There he is! What do you want for breakfast? Nothing. I’ll scramble a few over easy for you. Well, uh, my stomach doesn’t really feel too good. DAD: It sure felt good at four o’clock this morning! Listen, young man, you’ve missed three days of school already. You’re not missing any more. I don’t know what your plans are today, but you’re not about to miss any more days. May I have some? I’ve finished my cereal. Sure. It’s good for you. No! Don’t eat that! There’s nothing wrong with it. I had some last night. I’m telling you, it isn’t good. It’s game spoiled. It doesn’t taste spoiled to me. You taste it and tell me if you think it’s spoiled. I don’t want any. Look, it moves around all by itself. It moves! I saw it move in the refrigerator. Hey, freak! What are you on, anyway? Jason! You come back here! I hope these stains come out. What’s the matter with that boy? Look at that. Not a spot. Low in calories, good tasting and it doesn’t even spot. And he doesn’t like it. There’s nothing like it around. Coupled with benign bacteria? It was probably just a lucky accident that tasted great. They seem to reproduce this accident in great quantities. Well, that’s what I don’t understand. I thought some government regulation requires them to reveal the contents. They’re protected by the FDA’s Statute of Identity’s rule. The same law protects Coca-Cola’s secret formula for their syrup. MOE: Gentlemen, the little lady entering the room is doing some undercover research for me. Because, folks, if we’re going to find out the secret formula of Stuff, we’re going to have to steal it. music plays WOMAN: A little faster paced. Okay? Let’s get movement into this. Step, step! Let’s see the bathing suits. Okay, I want wonderful smiles. You got that, is it good?

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