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Today’s fashion

Today’s fashion


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What kind of accident was it? Oneday there was a bad explosion in the heatingcellar. Corner got all thesteam. He was brought into the hospital with severe burns. They wereable to save his life but Game if they had let him die, it would have been better. But Game Could you be more explicit? Can you imaginea man with his face completely disfigured? No ears, nothing but raw skin burnt. I’ll never forget that sight. But what becameof him? After he was finally released hecame back here to work for weeks. Oneday hedisappeared. We never saw him again. I don’t want to appear inquisitive, but Game may I beallowed to ask Game what your great interest in this man is? Before his prison days, he was the boss of a notorious underworld band called The Gorillas. Isn’t it time to stop work? Going home is all you think about, eh? Did you see thedolls? Yes! Real sweeties. It’s a pity though that these girls are forced to live there. I was talkingabout real dolls! Theones lyingaround the workshop I mean. Naturally, I suppose you didn’t see them? Inspector! Yes? Where’d you get that? Someone must havestuck it in my bag! The writing is identical Game to the first part of our puzzle. Can you decipher it? “The gorilla comes sometimes at night. Mother Superior doesn’t know.” Oneof the girls must know more than the others but is afraid to reveal herself. But which one? Thereare more than dozen. And, why in these hieroglyphics? Maybeshe knows no other. We better find her, try to win her over and speak to her alone. Oh, I can see what you mean. The trick back there with the introduction had its significance. I shall spy around for you there? Speak your heart out! Isn’t she just terrific? Wecould Game certainly use more like her. When I think of all theold fuddies at the Yard, oh! Enough, enough! Come back down to earth! You and Miss McPherson will now go out Game to dinner to clarify a few things, huh? That was on your mind anyway, wasn’t it? Aye, aye, Sir! Very official, Jim! Mr Bird? Will you come in, please? Ah, Mr Bird, I’ll drop in later on this eveningto sign thesecontracts.

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