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Three good friends

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  • Three good friends

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    Three good friends Games I don’t care about the car! We’re almost ready to go. We have to stick together. Biri, get a move on or we’ll miss the train! Games Alright! you! You do it! Games You always go over the top! Get ready, guys. The banner’s the wrong way round! David, the march can start! Off we go, guys! Hold the banners up! Music, maestro! Let’s go in the subway to get the train. Get in the subway! Be on time tomorrow or I’ll kill you! Good luck for your exam! Game the marchers started to move on, but the road is too narrow, so we proceed slowly at a snail’s pace, actually, we’re not moving. Games How much have you done? Games I’m on number five. But I don’t understand number two, three and four. How come we’re in this state? It’s the last call for the last exam. What if I fail? A Physics degree is the same as the others. What else will you do? Anything, as long as I don’t have to work hard to earn bundles of money. Doveri, do you think we’ll see each other again? You’ll go to Treviso, to an I.T. company. We’ll only meet up at the university reunion parties. We’ll be bald and they’ll play happy music, like Mozart’s requiem. How sad. You want some more coffee? No, I’m going to take some uppers. They don’t do drug tests at the university. Games Who’s your examiner? Games Maccaretti. Games Sign here. Games What does Maccaretti Games mean? The exam’s been moved to p. m. What? Give me Maccaretti’s number, let’s call him. Calm down. His assistant’s coming at . Games My exam’s at ! Like hell will I calm down. Games ing hell! Games Don’t make a scene. Relax. What’s the problem if we take the exam this afternoon? I can’t! I have to go to Genoa. All the Mompracem members are there. And they need Sandokan? They’re doing an important thing. I don’t want to be left out. Games Do you want to be left out of Normale? Games I don’t know. Mompracem matters more to me than anything else now. I don’t know what to think anymore. How long have you been friends of that lot? A month? You won’t remember their names in two years’ time. You’ll remember you wanted to screw a girl, and that she wanted to screw someone else.

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