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Three good friends Adventure

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  • Three good friends Adventure

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    Three good friends Adventure Description

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    Now I have stopped working on these small roles. Now we have to catch a big fish Reetu Games Found out that she was not a interior decorator. After that, I got the meaning of each word said by the girl. I acted like a mad in front of her and have brought her here. I was leaving this city, Doctor. I was not running away from the police, but Games I was defeated by my love and so I was going. I was returning Janhvi to her husband. But it was written in my faith that I should come back. I have come back. Games not to kill Janhvi but to save Games Janhvi, to tell your true story to Janhvi. Janhvi close the door he wants to kill you Games Janhvi close the door. Janhvi Games Janhvi get in Janhvi call the police. Don’t listen to him. Janhvi don’t Listen to him. Aadi Games Aadi. Don’t listen to him. What is truth I will tell you? Janhvi Games Janhvi call the police Janhvi you go inside. You have not killed Aryan, Janhvi but I have killed him. No Aadi, you will not say anything like this. I will say this only, Janhvi. But Aadi, I can say that I have killed him for self defense. I will say all that Janhvi that Games I had to kill Aryan because he had killed Games Janhvi with a big knife. You . I had brought this mad to kill you but he himself has died. It seems that I will only have to do this work But why, Aadi? Two hundred crores of company wife. If you are alive I will be only called a Games husband of a rich and successful husband. Poor little Richie Rich. I was searching for a right guinea pig Games and the day Aryan’s dying father called me Games and told me about his mad son. I came to know that I got my goat. One heiress who is not having anyone in this world. In the eyes of law he is a murderer Games mental. I had brought Aryan to kill you. That night I saved you to prove in Games front of police that your life is in danger. Now, if I will kill you or someone Games else kills you, blame will come on Aryan only. Isn’t it? It was really nice knowing you. Enough Doctor sessions are over Games today Games relation between Doctor and Patient is over.

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