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    You and all your drug Game pushing compadres just derailed my pursuit, so frankly, I’m leaning in another direction entirely. Give me mercy. There’s about three things I’d rather give you and they’re all in the chamber of this gun. Straight up? Or with some flair? Straight up? Or flair? Whatever is the more interesting way to die. Weirdo. You know, I rather enjoy my new disguise. I must apologize for making you dig your own grave. It’s appalling, not offering you a more professional courtesy, but I’m not one for hard labor. You on the other hand, being Mexican and all, you must be used to it. And Game Holy ing underground tunnel! People! Did you see the Mexican guy? Drop it! Reach for the sky before I put that illegal face in a tussle. You have it all wrong. This is all a big mistake. Only mistake you made was dancin’ across that border, muchacho. No, no, you don’t understand. I am no Mexican. Don’t move your hands, amigo! Game, really, listen to my voice. Do I sound Mexican? I am from Ontario, for ‘s sake! Canadian and Mexican. Double Game whammy. Smoke this fool! Get him some water! No time for water. Doc Felix needs to see him right away. Machete! You’re back. Sorry if I smell. Did you know the average person passes gas times a day? It’s true. Our target, Luthor Voz. The same proper who’s been jacking our members. As we speak, he’s got a missile pointed right up our ass. And since it looks like no one else is gonna stop him, it’s on us. Machete’s mission with Voz has nothing to do with us. We are the Network. Our mission is Mexico. Our mission has changed. He’s right. I’ll go it alone. You’re not going anywhere without me, cabrón. No time to argue. that. Let me explain something, mi gente. This isn’t about Mexico no more. It’s about the world. No world, no Mexico. Count me in. Me, too. Me, too. Ditto. Viva Machete! Looks like it’s settled, Machete. When do we hit ’em? Tonight. Network Game in position. Network Game in position. Copy that. Here you are. Thank you.

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