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    Oh, my God, she has called and texted, like, a lot. Who has? Jessica. She said she spoke to Tom and there’s obviously been some sort of misunderstanding and she still wants to meet up. Even though you stood her up? Is she a loser? Technically, you stood her up, actually. She’s young so she’s not a total cynic like you. Us. Yet. Your -year-old obsession, isn’t it? You said I should keep it simple. When? Like, half an hour ago in the toilet. So, what is your theory on this one? My theory? Yeah, I wanna hear it. What’s the game Is it “boy meets girl” or “boy doesn’t meet girl”? I mean game This is when you tell me what to do and then we argue and then game You know, it’s a bit of back and forth and eventually game Oh, wait. What for? All night you’ve had all these theories and opinions and suddenly you’ve nothing to say? What do you want? Do you want my permission or something? No, not at all. Then I think you should meet Jessica. Yeah, but that’s not game What are you waiting for, right? What am l game ? I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Fine, I’ll meet Jessica. OK. Great. OK. Are you meeting her here or game Yeah. Yes, there it is. OK. That’s where the game You can give her this back then. No, she bought another one. Course she did. I haven’t really read it, to be honest. Maybe we should have. So, erm game Is that everything? Yeah. So sorry for derailing your date. I’m glad you did, otherwise I’d have nothing to talk about on the next one. It is a good anecdote. I’ll probably use it in future myself. So, well, look after yourself game It’s what I do best. OK, and game Bye. Bye. I’ll Facebook you. Not on Facebook. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. What kind of nutter pretends to be someone else’s blind date? I know. It’s game Although it does prove what a publishing sensation Six Billion has been. Yeah. Let’s just pretend the whole thing never happened and we shall start again. Cheers. Sorry, I’m ever so thirsty. I did a lot of walking today. So, Jessica, I hear you work in the City. Correct. And I love it.

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