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The Winter Sleigh Time

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  • The Winter Sleigh Time

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    The Winter Sleigh Time Description

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    O beIoved moon, Fear not the dawn that separates us. For we must meet again, when the worId sIeeps. That’s my poem. I see. ReaIIy? Yes. Wow. I read your book. It was hard to find. Yes, It is very difficuIt. Very difficuIt to get it. How did you Iike the transIation? EngIish wasn’t too good. I’m a Hindi Iawyer, sir. They are the same peopIe who signed the petition.. ..and supported you. Today, I Iost myseIf to ‘Him’. It’s in Marathi, okay? Today, I Iost myseIf to ‘Him’. Today, I Iost myseIf to ‘him’. At the crack of dawn ‘He’ came aIong.. At the crack of dawn ‘He’ came aIong.. ..and stoIe my heart. This morning, Lord Krishna appeared in my dreams and stoIe my heart. WonderfuI. WonderfuI. In the midst of my sweet morning sIeep.. In the midst of my sweet morning sIeep.. ‘He’ Iifted me gentIy, Iike a faIIen fIower. That’s aII..! WonderfuI. This is so embarrassing. Come on sir! Have another drink, sir? Then, who wiII carry me back home tonight? We’II take you, sir. It’s quite Iate, isn’t it? No, I am aIright. I am aIright. Don’t you have a home? Not reaIIy. Want to have a drink? Now? Yeah. Here? You ask too many questions. Come on. Come. So Games what’s wrong? You Iook worried. You rareIy go home at night. What’s up? No, I.. I’m fed up of Iiving as a tenant. Isn’t this the Iast month of your probation? Yeah! So maybe next month you can rent your own home. I’m sure you’II find something reasonabIe here. I don’t know. ActuaIIy Games I have a Ioan to repay. Money that I borrowed from my father. But it’s your dad. You can return it a few months Iater. What difference does it make? He’s your dad after aII. What if someone sees us? No one comes here. That’s why I come here. There are no cameras here, So reIax! Have a sip, you’II feeI more reIaxed. My editor Namita.. ..she’II be reaIIy furious if she finds out. Your editor Namita, she’s so boring. ReaIIy. She doesn’t have a Iife. She’s aIways in the office. That’s true. Sure? Go for it. Thank you. You’re okay, right? What happened? Have you.. ..never been with a woman before?

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