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The Winter Sleigh Ride Snow Advventure

The Winter Sleigh Ride Snow Advventure


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The Winter Sleigh Ride Snow Advventure Description

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Rohit l’m not sure how long l will be able to hide him Where is Sonia Mehra and her grandson Krishna, Father? lt’s the third time in so many years that l’ve come to ask you And my answer is still the same. l have no idea where Mrs Mehra is. l really don’t know! Why do you keep coming to me again and again and waste my time? Because you are the last link to Rohit Mehra’s family. and you’re the last person Sonia Mehra met before she went missing You know where they are, but you’re lying. What? You are lying, Father. When l asked you whether Krishna possessed the powers Rohit had. you said he didn’t. But l was told.that the son was betterthan his father That he possesses all of Rohit’s powers. So tell me, Father. l’ll pay any price you ask How dare you! Mr Sinha, this is a school! We don’t indulge in business here! Please leave now! You’re making a mistake, Father. A big mistake. Krishna! Look! What a huge kite! But where’s the string? Must’ve snapped. Let’s get it! Don’t scream! You needn’t be afraid Close your eyes and hold on to me tightly Stop screaming!

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