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The Voice Of America Beauty

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  • The Voice Of America Beauty

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    The Voice Of America Beauty Rosalie Richard, Emmanuel Leblanc and Cornélius Langford. I did ask for an autopsy that revealed he was injected a curariform drug. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Thériault might handle a hook, it’s not a needle. But he did attack a police officer. Rosalie Richard was in his way. Cormier was sending her to the mainland to deal drugs, but had she inherited the boat, she would have been the boss. Langford? An embarrassing witness. You still have Emmanuel Leblanc. I admit I haven’t found yet, but he might just be an unintentional witness. You’ll find something, I trust you. Me too. Here is his file, sergeant. There’s a match between the condoms in Emmanuel Leblanc’s cabin and the ones used on Rosalie Richard. Hey. Bernard told me I could find you here. I was tidying a bit before cleaning up the dry deck. Can we talk? As always. I was making myself some coffee. Hop in. Why not? I think I solved Rosalie Richard’s murder. Did you? Yeah. For once, I trusted myself. It did me some good. I even think that I’m a good officer now. That’s good news. I’m happy for you. I don’t know, Elise. How long was your relationship with Emmanuel Leblanc? Who told you about it? No one. I was confused, I didn’t know what to do. I don’t even remember how it started. But Cornélius Langford saw you. He thought it would count for Rosalie, who would inherit le Cap Noir. When Rosalie realised you were the one Emmanuel loved, she wanted you to pay. So you killed her. Come on, you’re talking nonsense. I’m not. The day she died, Rosalie called you twice, at the hospital and at your place. You treat Martin Petitpas and Damien Lapierre, you could access their file, their private life, their habits. We both know Damien Lapierre is responsible. He’s the perfect culprit. So you took his jacket and wellies and Petitpas’ car, but you forgot to push the seat back. And the shells you left on Rosalie were dirty. You should have known Damien cleaned his. And I raped her? With a stick and a condom of the same brand you used with Emmanuel. Bernard can testify,

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