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The Sweet Indian Arranged Marriage 2

The Sweet Indian Arranged Marriage 2


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PLAYED : 1692

The Sweet Indian Arranged Marriage 2 Description

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The Sweet Indian Arranged Marriage 2 concept Of purification and punishment came from. However, purgatory didn’t become regarded As an actual place until centuries later. Between and Ad, Theologians developed the doctrine of purgatory Leading to the formal acceptance of it At the second council of Lyons in . The church then offers to support the dead in purgatory By its prayers and by attributing to people The benefits of the sacraments, especially the communion. This is all perfectly orthodox. The church believed that this is doing good And laypeople seemed to be willing To put large amounts of money into it And you have An extraordinary proliferation of institutions Founded principally for priests To say masses for the souls of the departed, Particularly in the th and th centuries. This doctrine was fabricated To manipulate the masses for financial gain. People were willing to pay huge amounts of money To release a loved one From the tortures of purgatory. Of course, believers could never really be sure When someone left purgatory, So the money kept flowing Into the pockets of corrupt priests. The head of the church Would have people going out to raise money And encourage people to give their money to the church, Buy people out of purgatory, So they could fund these elaborate buildings. This belief in purgatory Is also built on the dangerous concept That the works and the prayers of the living Can somehow alter the destiny of the dead, Yet Jesus made it very clear there is no limbo or purgatory. After death, a person’s next conscious thought Was the resurrection and their eternal reward. “Do not marvel at this; For the hour is coming “In which all who are in the graves “Will hear his voice and come forth; “Those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, “And those who have done evil To the resurrection of condemnation.” Central in the gospel message Is the teaching of how we obtain forgiveness. This was another major bible truth That suffered during this age of compromise. It was taught that if a person wished to be forgiven, He or she must

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