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The Spring Fashion

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  • The Spring Fashion

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    I don’t want you living in fear. You can go. Our respects Captain. Good day. Rosa Nicolosi Captain, it’s Rosa Nicolosi. Come in, come in. Come on in, Rosa. Have a seat. Don’t worry, nobody can see you. Aren’t you going to ask me anything? I didn’t summon you. I have nothing to ask you. He didn’t come back Game You said that sometimes he doesn’t return Game You weren’t worried then Game So why are you worried now? It’s been four days. Ok. Marshal, let’s get someone to look for this Nicolosi. Yes sir. But where should we look? Far away or here nearby? Has someone threatened you? My husband has a clean record. I know, I know Game but it’s difficult to look for a needle in a haystack and your husband, in Sicily Game is like a needle Game Maybe at this moment your husband needs help? Game A lot of help. And what’s his wife doing? She’s silent. Doesn’t want to help. Just what kind of wife is she? I’d give my blood for him. The other morning near your house there were four rifle shots. Where was your husband when they were fired? Now then Rosa, we’re all alone. Noone can see us. We won’t write anything down. So then, where was your husband? He left early Game at five. In the dark? Yes Did you hear the shots? Yes I did. Did you take a look outside? No, I thought that it was a hunter. But it’s not hunting season. And how should I know? Game Where did your husband go? To look for work. At the building sites? Maybe Game So when we saw you that morning on the road you were looking for him? No Game I was looking for Game Chicory and cabbages Game Well perhaps he disappeared for another reason? And if so Rosa, for once, tell me, ok? It appears that she has a lover. Says who? Don Ciccio the barber, he told Corporal Torres. Seems everyone knows about it. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go. My daughter’s alone at home. Very well. Captain, promise me you’ll look for him? We’ll look for him. God bless you. And who is this lover? Well, they didn’t say but it’s clear it’s not Rosa’s first time.

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