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The Spring Fashion Time

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  • The Spring Fashion Time

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    My first time rolling was intense, too, but CLEARS THROAT Once you just relax and let go, it feels really nice. I’m not used to it. There’s probably a lot of stuff you’ve never done, huh? I guess so. EXHALES Have you ever been with a girl? Mmm-hmm. On the Internet. But that was really just my first parents playing tricks on me. Just Just relax. GASPS That feels very That feels very nice. Thank you for Thank you for what you’re doing. That feels very good. BOTH PANTING Thank you for that! Goodbye. Thank you for that. DOOR CLOSES James! Sorry. James. What are you doing? You’re embarrassing me. I’m very sorry, Aubrey. Ahh. James. Dude, hold on. Thank you for my first party, Spencer. SPENCE: Yo, James, where you going? Yo! MANIACAL LAUGHTER James, hold up. JAMES YELLS FEARFULLY Ahh! SNATCHER: James! Where are you even going, man? Sun Snatcher! How are you possibly this wasted right now? Stay away from me, Snatcher. Did you and Merideth smash? GASPS No. Tricksand! SNATCHER LAUGHING YELLING What happened? Oh, shit. There he is. CHUCKLES You just started tripping. You passed out in the backyard. So, I just brought you in. And Aubrey talked to your parents, so you’re good, dude. I’m really very sorry, Mr. Spencer. Dude, it’s just Spence, bro. Spence. Yeah. Is this stuff from a show? Oh, dude, no. Man, these are the classics, dude. You got a lot of catching up to do, bro. MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY Wait, whoa, what’s all that? Oh. Did you do that? No, this is just some bullshit, I guess. Well, and Yeah, you know, I’m still learning and I want to go to college for it or something. It looks like it’s going well, and maybe you could do more of it. Yeah. All right, so these are the best of volumes to . That’s when the show started getting good. Nice. Oh. Donald Duck’s in this shit. No that’s Goody Goose. He’s the top pilot in the Starsquad Alliance. Well, he looks like Donald Duck. It’s this cartoon character. Well, it’s not. It’s Goody Goose. Yeah, oh and I’ll get these to Aubrey when I’m done. Cool?

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