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The red car and a nice girl

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  • The red car and a nice girl

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    The red car and a nice girl Description

    The red car and a nice girl, The red car and a nice girl Games, Play The red car and a nice girl Games

    Did you tell him what I’m doing here? Game : No, I wanted to save that as a surprise too. GILDA: Hang onto your hat, Mr. Farrel. Gilda is my wife, Johnny. Mrs. Game Mundson, Mr. Farrel. Is that all right? Congratulations. Game : Oh, you don’t congratulate the bride. You congratulate the husband. JOHNNY: Really? What are you supposed to say to the bride? Game : You wish her good luck. Good luck. Thank you. My husband tells me you’re a believer in luck. Game : We make our own luck, Johnny and I. I’ll have to try that sometime. I’ll try it right now. Tell him to come to dinner with us tonight. Game : It’s an order. Come along, Johnny. We’ll let Gilda get dressed. Look your best. This will be the casino’s first glimpse of you. I’ll look my very best, Game . I want all the hired help to approve of me. Glad to have met you, Mr. Farrel. His name is Johnny. Oh, I’m sorry. Johnny is such a hard name to remember, and so easy to forget. Johnny. There. See you later, Mr. Farrel. That’s right, Mrs. Mundson. I’ll see Johnny downstairs. I’ll see him at the casino. JAZZ MUSIC TURNS BACK ON For some reason, she doesn’t like you. Really? What makes you think that? I know my wife. You do? Why would she form an instant antagonism like that? Maybe it’s chemical. She’ll get over it. Sure. When did you meet her? The day I left for the interior. When did you get married? The day after that. Quick. You should know that when I want something, I Game You buy it quick. Do you know anything about her at all? It’s an odd coincidence, Johnny. Listen to this. She told me she was born the night she met me. All three of us with no pasts, just futures. Isn’t that interesting? I think it’s fascinating. What’s the matter with you? We agreed that women and gambling didn’t mix. My wife does not come under the category of “women,” Johnny. I could’ve made a mistake. You did. Don’t make it again. It starts already. What’s this? Tact. GILDA: Game , will you come up and help me into this thing like a darling? See you at the casino.

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