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The Princess’s Super Party

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  • The Princess’s Super Party

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    The Princess’s Super Party Description

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    I have. Stop now. Humans and monsters aren’t meant to be together. That’s why you should sell it! What is it? Go! A newbie in the industry? Do more trading Games and you’ll get used to it. Go. Go. I know. We should name it Wuba. Can you play mahjong? Let’s go! Where’s our little monster? Kill me if you can! You will beg for our mercy! Pong! I’ll tell you if you win. Your turn! Eight circles. Pong! Wait! Can you slow down? I’m not ready yet. Hurry up. What should I do? Thirteen orphans? Win! Win? Fooling me? Where’s the little monster? Heaven Restaurant. It may be getting ready to be butchered. let’s go! Play another round eith me. I still haven’t told you the password. How can you get in? Heaven Restaurant. Little guy, where are you from? How come you’re not wearing any skin? No wonder you were caught! Look at my skin, so real and smooth! Look at mine, so elastic! See, it’s seamless. Do this, puff your cheeks! Didn’t I tell you to take off the skin? No! We won’t take it off! We won’t take it off! Go! Head Chef! What the Games You guys are too much. Scared the hell out of me! Pay attention. The monsters we have today Games are so awesome Games and delicious. What’s happening? What’s the problem? Head Chef. Head Chef. we can’t open this monster. Why won’t you cooperate? No way! Listen. Every monster dies. Sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time. Open up, okay? No way. You stubborn monster. You’ve asked for it. Fine. Don’t cut my buttocks! Marvelous. Monster sashimi, All ready. No wonder she’s our Head Chef. Stand still! Whats with these two monsters? They refuse to take off their skin. Hey gorgeous, you look stunning today. Your inner beauty is shining as well. Please. Let us go! My goodness. this kid has a sweet mouth. If you grow up, You’re gonna hurt a lot of innocent girls. It’s better to take care of you now. Head Chef, could you cook me instead of serving me raw? Oh, you poor thing. As you wish! Then we should Games soak you in sauces before baking, okay? Take them away! Yes. Go! Head Chef, make sure you

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