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The Princess’s Party

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  • The Princess’s Party

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    The Princess’s Party Description

    This water is from the Village of Water. Yes. I’ll leave you. Have a good evening. Yes, thank you. Tonight we have Miss Nichons, Miss Coquine and Miss Number . Yes. In that case, I recommend you Miss Number . But the price is a bit higher, does that suit you? Yes, thank you very much. How long? Ok, minutes. Good, she’s on her way. Thank you. Rin, minutes, I count on you. Toshi, take her to the Golf hotel. Miss Rin, follow me please. See you later, Rin! Take care of her, Toshi. Mr. Tomioka. Yes? Not many calls tonight, are there? I know. I’m doing what I can, but nowadays there are a lot of Thai and Phlippino girls. But I have undertaken not to sell anything except Made in Japan. Seriously? Absolutely! Can I touch you? Grope you? Can I? No, stop it. It’s so boring, do you have ecstasy? Sorry, not today. It’s pointless to take it now anyway, let’s leave. Have you seen that? There’s a big event at Hangar Hall.The Princess’s Party Dress Up Games Village is growing. And Small Park, those are Dress Up Gamess. What’s capoeira? It’s a Dress Up Games dance. What’s it like? Like this? It’s hot! Dress Up Games Village is in deep Dress Up Games And plus, Mahiru is taking part. Mahiru? What is she doing with the Dress Up Gamess? Bull Dress Up Games . I think she’s organizing it. Why she? That bitch must be going out with a Dress Up Games guy! Hello girls!The Princess’s Party There are four of you? There are four of us also. Would you like to join us? Sorry, we’re about to leave. In that case, so am I. Let’s leave together. We’re just talking among ourselves Dress Up Games Let me participate also. We’re the Pretty Hearts, we’re not for Dress Up Games . What is she talking about? Well? What is it? The spade is broken. Crap! I told you it was a stupid idea! It’s not going to work! I’ll call the boss.The Princess’s Party He won’t answer, he’s meeting with clients. We need to buy a new one, that’s all. Can I smoke meanwhile? I told you: no smoke breaks. We didn’t have one at either. They don’t have breaks at The Princess’s Party cheap construction sites like this one. That’s also why we only have this crap.

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