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The princess and Cute Unicorn

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  • The princess and  Cute Unicorn

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    The princess and Cute Unicorn Description

    The princess and Cute Unicorn, The princess and Cute Unicorn Games, Play The princess and Cute Unicorn Games

    I could come by and take a look if you want. Yep. See that? Galvanized. Zinc-coated steel. Congrats. No lead here. Oh, thanks, Nate. Whoo! Any time, bro. Whew. That’s a relief. So, uh, you do a lot of plumbing? Yeah, plumbing, electrical, roofing, foundation repair. Even did a little mold removal for a while. Oh, nice. You working on a deadline? Yeah, only the impossible, days. Yeah, I see that all the time. People buy a place without realizing how much work it can actually be. Overwhelming, huh? Yeah, tell me about it. I’ll tell you what. I’m new to town. I’m still looking for work and a place to stay. I can lend you a hand if you like. Oh, hey, that would be ideal, but we really can’t afford it right now, you know. I get it. I’ve done jobs like this before. I know there’s no money in it until the place sells. Hey, if you help us with the days, you’re more than welcome to stay here. We have an apartment above the barn. When the house flips, I can give you a little something. Yeah? Sounds good to me. That’s a deal. Sold? Yeah. Are you kidding me? I think I’m dreaming. Hey, I really, really appreciate it. Good deal. Yeah? My pleasure. Well, let me walk you out. Sure. I mean, I just wish that you would have asked me first, you know. Nate? He’s seriously totally qualified to do this. And here. Sit down. Okay. He’s totally qualified. He’ll make sure we make our deadline. We can’t flip this house without him. Fine. Does he have to stay here? Well, he’s working for free. I mean, the least we can do is offer him room and board. Okay. Okay? When does your little playmate get here? Hi. Hi. I’m Alex Saunders. I’m Nate Grant. Wow. You’re not exactly what I expected. And likewise. Well, it’s a pretty big job. Think you can handle it? Yeah. I’ve worked on a lot of old places like this. I really enjoy it. Looks like you’ve even got the original banisters here, huh? Come in. In the modern age of football, you games The modern age? I don’t think so. Could we please talk about anything else? I don’t know anything about games Hey.

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