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The Perfect Wedding

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  • The Perfect Wedding

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    In an hour. GILDA: Game . JOHNNY: It was all I could do to walk away. I wanted to go back in that room and hit her. What scared me was I wanted to hit him too. I wanted to go back and see them together with me not watching. I wanted to know. I can never get a zipper to close. Maybe that stands for something. What do you think? I think you were very rude to him. To whom? Johnny. Was I? Oh, dear. That’s one of the things you’ll have to teach me, Game . Good manners. I want you to like him. You sure about that? What do you mean? He’s a very attractive man, if you like the type. He’s a boy. Boys have the darndest way of growing up, Game . Almost when you’re not looking. But I’ll be looking. Your shoes. JOHNNY: About time. Do you wish me to put them on your feet? For how much? The charge is slight because I find this always a revealing vantage point. A worm’seye view is so often the true one. Quite a philosopher, aren’t you? One hears rumors. Really? In my department comes all the gossip. Heh, heh. Really? One hears she is very beautiful. And very young, and American. You are also young and American. It will be interesting to watch. Maybe you should be fired right out on your ear. Johnny. Hmm? Mr. Mundson says to tell you he’s Game They’re here. Thanks. Say, have you seen her? WHISTLES Cut that! What did I do? You whistled. I heard you. After all, she is Mrs. Mundson. So mind your manners, see. Yes, it will be interesting to watch. CHATTERING CROUPIER: Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets. CROUPIER SPEAKS IN SPANISH Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets. SPEAKS IN FRENCH SPEAKS IN SPANISH Number two. No more bets. Number two, black. CROUPIER SPEAKS IN FRENCH THEN SPANISH Number two, black. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets. Take over. Friend of yours? No, Mr. Farrel. Going into business for yourself? Orders, Mr. Farrel. Not my orders. No. Game : Johnny, I’ve been looking for you. Gambling is illegal in Argentina, right? Isn’t right, but true.

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