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The party princess

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  • The party princess

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    Dixie? Can ye hear me? It’s me, Gonner. What’s going on here? Why are you trying to save her? You like her, don’t you? You like her more than me. Isn’t that right? Ugh. You little traitor. I gave you the best years of my life and this is how you repay me? By hooking up with the first newbie dead head that crosses your path’? Oh, I’m gonna teach you a lesson. You’ll never forget. You shameless varmint! You filthy pig! You’re in love with her! Ugh! You sack of squid! I want to hear your stinking mouth say it! Where do you think you’re going now, cabin boy. Don’t. Ah. Come back here and face me like a man so I can split you in two pieces. Catch me if you can, you ol’ witch. Get down, scurvy bilge rat. Give that pirate trash what he deserves. Come up here if ye dare. Booty crook. Codsucker! Traitor. Now will you please tell me why you wanted to rescue Dixie? Me? Do ye really want to know? Jolly Roger. She’s hot! I love every inch of her maggot Games ridden body. Aye, she’s me own buxom beauty! You? In the flesh. Then I’ll dice you up first. I know how ye feel Game Ow! I know, I deserve it. Whoa! Me hearty. We have to get the Azoth back before daybreak! Ah, follow me, mate. Go on, there’s no need for you to wait. Piroska? Let’s get out of here before we lose our chance. We have to find Isis. Are you daft? She’s my friend. For better and for worse. That lassie could be anywhere. And this may be our last hope to escape. I’m not leaving without Isis. Oh, wait now. If you’re out here Game Then the lass trapped inside the box is Game My loyal Piroska. Whoever did this to you will pay! Hello? Who is that? (Bonner, are you there’? Get me out of here! Come on, I know it’s you. Listen, I’m not angry any more. No more rocks, that’s a promise. Now open this box, please! Ooh, Isis! Oh, don’t be alarmed. She’s with me. Dixie! Leave her alone! Return the Azoth or she’s going for a swim. Wait a sec, Nebulosa Game All right! No. Don’t give it to her. It’s what I have to do. Please don’t hurt her.

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