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The party princess Time

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  • The party princess Time

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    then we have to okay it. growling And in this case, it was game snarling In this case it was a pleasure. It was an absolute pleasure because I love it! I love it! Oh, you eat The Stuff? All the time. I feed it to Ben. Ben has some. You feed the dog The Stuff? Absolutely. Ben eats it all the time. Right, Ben? growling Well, I game I suppose if both of you eat it, it’s got to be all right. Yes. It’s really good. snarling, barking But I understand that you’re not a chemist, Mr Vickers. No. I’m an administrator, but, uh game but I can give you the names of some of the people on the panel. Well, I tried that already and for some strange reason, they’re all out of the country or deceased. What a shame. Yeah. Say, where did you test The Stuff? Stader. Stader Virginia? I still have some preliminary worksheets in my office. Maybe you should look at them. Nothing confidential. I’d appreciate that. I’d Xerox them and send them right back to you. You’re lucky. I never throw anything away. dog panting barking Ben! Good boy! Why is your master afraid of you? Huh? You hungry? Want something to eat? Come on. Let’s go in the kitchen. Oh, I’m sorry. I should have offered you a cup of coffee or a soft drink. I felt like a glass of water, but I’m not thirsty any more. These are some of my old documents, just a lot of old names. Well, thanks very much. I appreciate it. It’s my pleasure. chuckles I’ll get copies of this as soon as possible. Well, take your time. Goodbye, Ben! Ben whines You’ve been a good boy, Ben. I’ve got a treat for you. In fact, I have a treat for both of us. We deserve it, don’t we? jingle blaring out ♪ Taste that satisfies ♪ ♪ My big exciting sweet surprise ♪ ♪ One lick is never enough of The Stuff ♪ ♪ Stays cold and never melts away game ♪ :am and they still keep coming. ♪ One lick is never enough of The Stuff ♪ ♪ Never melts, never melts game ♪♪ snarling Help me! No! Help me! screams snarling No! Stop it! Ben, no! Ben! barking I’ll buy more! screaming honks horn MAN: Okay, I’m comin’. I’m comin’. What can

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