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The magnificent princess dresses

The magnificent princess dresses


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The magnificent princess dresses Description

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The magnificent princess dresses Simon, what can you tell us? Currently have a barometric pressure of millibars, and the center is getting much closer as we speak. Marshall, this is Houston. Communication to Kazakhstan Space Center also being switched to your locale. Quiet on deck. Commander Phillips, from all of us here at Houston, good luck, and Godspeed. PHILLIPS All right, everyone. This is it. I need all hands on deck. Get me a secure line. I need to talk to Russia yesterday. BAO Look at their legs. They’re like telephone poles. More like tree trunks. Can’t compete with that. Not without steroids. Yeah. Bad news, guys. I couldn’t convince Manley to let Lacey stay. Without our pilot, the race is over. Time to pack it in. Wait. I think I might have a solution. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. Now after a hardfought week by all the teams, the Titans have a slight lead over the Warriors, so whoever wins the great moon buggy race will be our champion. Have a great, great race, everybody. Whoo! Cheering All right, Titans. We’ve let these losers hang around long enough. Now it’s time to end them. Ready, big guy? You can do it, baby. Just remember what Dale Earnhardt said. Second place is just the firstplace loser. Let’s blow this up. As we gear up to begin the final competition of the great Race to Space, we have the Titans in first place, the Warriors in second, and the Redstones in third. You can do this, Robonaut. On your marks. Get set. Go! Ladies and gentlemen, the buggies are off, and it looks like the Titans are taking a fast lead as we start the contest. SERGEI Come on. Come on. As we round the first turn, the Titans are holding on to a nice lead over the Warriors. We gotta pull ahead. SERGEI We are almost there. Come on, Jimmy. Jimmy. Okay, we’ve got Robonaut. Ladies and gentlemen, a burst of speed from the Warriors team and Robonaut. Yes. The Warriors and the Titans are neck and neck, ladies and gentlemen. Whoa. The Warriors have taken a hard turn off the course. Ah, we’ll never catch up. You win some.

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