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The flowering Big Garden

The flowering Big Garden


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The flowering Big Garden Description

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“sneakers is love.” Now, that’s how you used to talk before you popped the question to Ivy. Oh, really? Really. You’re next, man. I feel it, just a matter of time. Not me. I’m gonna be the last man standing. I’m not gonna propose to Leah. I’m breaking up with her. Are you serious? What the hell’s wrong with you? You’re into this girl. Why are you breaking up with her? It’s November st. Oh, right, November rule. Man, this year went crazy fast, right? Please tell me you’re still not doing that stupid November rule thing. It’s not stupid. Christmas presents are expensive, man. It’s not about the gifts. Yeah, not entirely. It’s all of it. It’s everything. It’s the shopping. It’s the crowds. It’s meeting her family, the pressure to buy her the perfect gift, one that doesn’t disappoint Games Right. Games but doesn’t fast-forward the relationship too much. Then you got the letdown of New Year’s Eve, the forced romanticism of Valentine’s Day. No girl is worth three months of that nonsense. Nick Hey, man, unbelievable. I’ve never seen a man go to so much trouble to stop dating a woman during the holidays. I mean, this is the same guy who told a woman he was a born-again Christian Games Oh, baby, you got what I need Games Nick A gang banger Games But you say he’s just a friend Games Nick A plushy Games chuckles That was a good one. You also lied about joining the military. That’s low. Oh, baby, you Games And batting for the other team. Got what I need But you say he’s just a friend But you say he’s just Games You’re making a big mistake. Oh, baby, you Games woman Hey, how’s it going? Swell. Wow, that’s not good. Sorry. I know it’s advertising, but I just hate misleading people. It’s not my thing. Well, you made an interesting career choice, didn’t you? Um, hey, changing subjects, let’s talk about you and your man. I need to live vicariously through you. You guys have any plans this weekend? Yes, actually, we do. Steve and I have been doing this thing where we surprise each other with fun things that we’ve never done before.

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