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The First Day Of School

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  • The First Day Of School

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    And right away, she got it. She had a musical ear. You love me because I’m here. But if you need to cross the street to catch up with me, you’re lost. When I saw The Things of Life for the first time, It seemed very silly to tell him: “The accident is splendidly filmed.” That’s ridiculous. I told him: “Romy Schneider is so good!” And that… brought tears to his eyes. I found that Claude… he didn’t have… didn’t make good films with women. As if they were objects. And it was when meeting Romy that he understood women were very courageous persons, very alive… Tell me, what’s the word in French for… “Lying”? Well, not lying. “Making things up”? Ah! Money! Money! What drove you away from me? Fear? Are you afraid of me? I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I bump myself… I’m clumsy. But it’s true, she was… She’s given him… a portrait of women… which impressed him and which he kept in all his other films. I made “The Things of Life” with the idea, thinking that I’d make “Max” after that. Knowing that it’d be a demystification of all those ‘good mannered’ appearances of “The Things of Life”. “Max”, to start with, isn’t so much an anti-police film. But the police setting was useful to me. It was more against Stalinism. The theoretical obstinacy to be right clearly leads to perversity. He began to fall more into place when I met Neron, I hadn’t made the link yet, he told me that the person who was his model for Max was a cop who had been member of the Communist Party. I told him: “That’s too good for words!” After all, it’s all his treason, all that manipulation. To meet someone, who is a childhood friend and feigning not to recognize him… Do you have a light, please? Max. You don’t remember? Abel! Abel Maresco, st RIC. The Cintra restaurant in Lyon! Oh, Abel! The pleasure, as always, to show manipulation in the horror, in the perversity is his vulnerability. From that moment on, I was very much at ease because I wasn’t making a film anymore, a documentary about the police,

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