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The First Date Time

The First Date Time


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The First Date Time Description

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But at least we weren’t fighting. It was fun singing there though. What if we turned all our fights into songs? Okay. No, I’m serious. Let’s start a band. fl Hey, hey, hey, hey There’s so many yarmulkes from our wedding. I know. Did anyone even wear a yarmulke? Everyone wore a yarmulke. We have so many left over. What is this? Oh, that’s my Armageddon suitcase. Oh yeah, big time. There’s a lot in there. There’s a couple bottles of Xanax. There’s $, hard cash. And then, yeah, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for days. I love that in your mind, the zombie apocalypse still focuses around Bed Bath. Yeah, that’s the epicenter. And we’re gonna need to get % off. No, but, oh my god, you’re so literal. You’re not using them as coupons. You’re using them as currency. You know, to barter. You trade for weapons, Brita filters. Yeah, I was being really literal. Body pillows, whatever. Whatever you need. It’s my fault. Hey, hey, hey, hey, look what I found. ‘ Oh! Oh my god. Oh my god. I have not played this since high school. She pretty. Yeah, she fine. Check her out. Whoa. I don’t want you to hurt your neck. Sounds great, neighbor. Hey Dave. Hi Dave. Is that John Mayer over there? Aw, heck no. No. I just found my old guitar from high school. Yeah. Are you John Mayer? Right, yeah. Second time’s a charm. Second time, yeah. What are you doing? We’re cleanin’ out the garage to make it a rehearsal space. We’re starting a band. For a band? Yeah. I used to play drums in high school. Cool. Yeah. Really? I was in a band myself. Oh yeah, what was it called? The band was called Myself. It was a sort of solo percussive group. You know, djembe and the rumba. Conga, bongo, timbale. You know, just like, yeah. And you played all of those yourself? I played all of them myself. Wow. Yeah. The Big Fork Daily called it really, very weird. Oh. Wow. That’s great. Yeah, well Congrats, man. That sounds great. Yeah, congratulations. Okay. Cool, Dave. We’ll see ya. Yeah. See ya around the neighbs. Thanks, Dave. I’ll see you very soon. Okay, so, we have to move.

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