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The First Date 3

The First Date 3


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The First Date 3 Description

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The First Date 3 whatever it is. The viceroy of Pithom is outside. He’s not on the agenda. He can go back to Pithom until he is. No, we should deal with this. Bring him in. If you came here to beg the new king’s forgiveness, it won’t work. Arrest him. Wait, please. May I at least respond? I beg you. It’s in your interest. You make it short. I will game to the king alone. My advice is that he, and the other generals, also leave the room. Really? That’s your advice? You are not his advisor. That’s right. You are. That’s right. Moses. Moses. Everybody but the viceroy game out. Terrible news. There you are. So game The viceroy. You didn’t arrest him. You didn’t take your chief advisor’s advice. No, he came. He told me of an incident involving two guards. One of which survived the attack. And I told him I did not care. And then, he told me the most unbelievable story. Told to him, he said, by very reliable sources. Then, when pressed game He admitted that they were Hebrew spies. You know what I’m talking about. Yes. And what do you make of it? I think it’s offensive, and I think it’s ridiculous. Yes. Yes! You, of all people, a Hebrew. And I said, How can I believe such a story? Cousin game You can’t. What if I take the chance of not believing it, Moses? What am I to do? Bithia! Mother. The man is a thief. My son discovers this. Not you. And he reports it to your father, who would have hanged this thief, if he hadn’t been dying himself. You believe his feeble, selfserving lies. All I want to know is if it is true. I didn’t ask for a tirade. To talk about this any longer would dignify it, and I won’t do that. Answer the question. Yes or no? Was I talking to you? Bring her in. Bring her in. Now! Miriam! Come. Sit. Sit down. Now, I’m going to ask you some things that are going to seem very strange to you. I just would like you to answer them truthfully. How do you know Moses? You know how I know him game And you. I helped raise you both. So you are not his sister, then? Of course not. And you’re not a Hebrew. No. Place your arm on the table.

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