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The colors of the spring

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  • The colors of the spring

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    The colors of the spring Description

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    The colors of the spring Then he came here and sent us a postcard Game Do you know Bogdanov? You’re keeping us waiting, dear. Hurry up. We have an important announcement! Do you know the price of one one word? Is it not free? No, it’s not. Look, my train is leaving. For the Bahamas? Please announce it, no sweat for you, is it. He will come and pay. We were robbed. Enough’s enough! Move over, girl. Please tell them to hold the train on Track . My sister is being late. In this jacket I too feel like robbing somebody! What track is Train leaving from. Sorry, ask the Information. Lady, I don’t believe you’ve ever been a child. If you don’t want to make announcement without money, let that lady do it. She has a kind face. Do it, or they’ll never leave. Why don’t you live up to the young face readers’ opinion and do it yourself? I can’t. Because I’m dressing! All right, I’ll do it. Railway station worker Alexei Bogdanov, please come to the Information Office. Your daughter Game Alyona. Game Alyona is waiting for you. “Your daughter Alyona and Nikita”. This is what you should have said. Do you hear me? “Your daughter Alyona and Nikita”. Look, he’s my father, not yours. Then who is he to me? No one. How can it be if you’re my sister and he’s your father? He is our mother’s first husband. There was no you at the time. When you were born, he was no longer her husband, see? Then it must have a different name. Maybe. Maybe there are some words we don’t know, like brotherinlaw or nephew twice removed. Maybe he is your father once removed. My grandmother twice removed! Did you call for me? Alexei Bogdanov. Does it ring a bell? It’s been a year since he was fired. First he got transferred to the baggage room, but he did something there, too. Either he stole something or something was stolen from him Game Something happened Game Something happened. His daughter is looking for him. There they are! Hey, you! Come over here! Come over! Are you Bogdanov’s daughter? Yes. Go to the baggage room and ask the man in charge there maybe he knows something about your father.

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