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The bride’s day Time

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  • The bride’s day Time

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    General, I won’t let you die at all. Then you must stand by me. For I don’t know the way to fight politicians. We are both tired of fighting. But we can neither of us give up .. Until this country has paid its debts. At home .. and abroad. What good did the war do us? Independence .. liberty. Ha .. things are worse than ever. Where is the Army pay? This is all I got. “The State of South Carolina promises to pay ..” “Harvey Taylor the sum of one hundred dollars.” That’s eight years ago and they ain’t paid yet. Here is the same thing from the State of Connecticut. Those certificates today are not worth ten cents on the open market. Why hasn’t Washington kept his word? He promised we’d be paid. That was before they made him President. It ain’t Washington. It’s Hamilton. What do you mean? Washington does what Hamilton tells him. They are both crooked if you ask me. ─ I agree. Hello, Reynolds. ─ Hello, Zachary Whalen You’d agree with anyone who was willing to buy you a drink. Melissa, some ale. Alexander Hamilton has been made Secretary of the Treasury.

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