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The bride’s day

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  • The bride’s day

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    how to take full advantage of these assets. Sure, we gotta abide by what the ref says, but other than that, there are no rules here. What are you suggestin’? Sayin’, if mama wants to win, mama might have to get her hands a little dirty. Here you go. Thank you. Good luck. Hey, hey, hey, Roy! Wow. Roxie. What’s the occasion? No occasion. Since you had to sell your Harley, you don’t ride with us anymore. I just don’t get to see you that much. If I remember correctly, my Purple Haze Pecan Pie was your favorite. Oh, you got that right. Hey, how’s business goin’, Roy? Oh, not so good. I gotta put in twice the number of hours just to get by. Yeah. I heard you had to take on a second job just to help pay the bills. What was that? I referee basketball games. That’s right. Yeah. Oh, well. Here ya go, Roy. You enjoy that now. Okay? Oh, hello, old friend. Thank you, Roxie! All right. I want to see some tough broads out here today! Let’s go! Come on, Clementine! Let’s go. Go. Boom, boom! Get those hips moving. Get that ball around that hip. Lift ’em! To the left! To the left! Shotgun! To the right! To the right! Shotgun! Go! Get ’em up there! Get those knees up! Let’s go! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Bitch! Come on! Let me see you flow with me! Come on! Finger shift. Finger shift. Hey, y’all. Hi. No one is bettin’ in the bettin’ pool. We have less than bucks. No. Maybe, if we just kick ass in the first game, more people will show up for the second one. Well, our uniforms are gonna be winners. Look what Roxie designed and Ginger had printed up. Oh, Roxie! You’re so talented! I know. Oh, it’s funny. I’ve spent half my life as a housewife Game and totally suck at sewin’ and cookin’. What have I been doin’ all these years? Beth, you’ve been raisin’ a daughter. And taking care of a husband. Well, I’m not too sure about that. Beth, everything okay with you and Laurence? I don’t know. But I should be grateful that he puts up with me.

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