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The Bride And Groom

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  • The Bride And Groom

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    The Bride And Groom Description

    I want to know. Did you love her? I liked her dress up games She suggested we go away for a while. Were you supplying her? Why did she do it? Calm down, and don’t preach to me dress up games Go read a book and find out for yourself dress up games You look like a bookworm. What do you know about me? Long live culture! Life is hard for everyone dress up games And if you don’t know how to live in this world dress up games You might as well shoot yourself with that gun you keep at the Cine Club. Is this how you talked to your sister? Leave my sister out of this. Have you ever tried the Dark Bar special? It’s horrible. Have you seen Stefania? Yes, she arrived half an hour ago. Wait. What’s wrong? It’s none of my business, but I noticed dress up games Go on? When Stefania arrived dress up games She was wearing the same raincoat dress up games had in her bag. The Bride And Groom Thanks, I’m going to look for her. You didn’t hear that from me. Excuse me. She’s out of it. We have to go. Get out of here. Why? Are the cops here? No, someone’s in a bad way. Stefania, what’s wrong? Say something. They got me, just like dress up games . What happened to dress up games What happened to her? The gangs in the north, they’re evil dress up games The raincoats are filled with drugs dress up games She wanted to get out. She had a diary with names dress up games They killed her. A diary! Where? I don’t know dress up games She never told me. What do we do now? They killed her. No dress up games And to think that today was meant to be the start of my glittering career. Success? What do you call success? I wanted to be a star, enjoy the nice things in life dress up games And all the applause. And then dress up games I don’t know. And now, I really don’t know. I don’t want to think about it. Did you know your sister?The Bride And Groom I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’ve already been close to death dress up games My mother,The Bride And Groom my father, but her suicide frightens me. What kind of shit world do you live in? We live. I need to lie down. Thanks. The Bride And GroomWhat are you doing?

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