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The Best World is Beautiful

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  • The Best World is Beautiful

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    The Best World is Beautifu, The Best World is Beautifu Games, Play The Best World is Beautifu Games

    bring it to the home team, know what I mean? Get the one-eyed willy and do one of these a little bit. All right? You offering me to be Blood, man? It’s a offer, but game Don’t think you gotta do what the rest of these dudes gotta do. Me, I take care of that. You ain’t gotta go buck no grills. Steal no cars or some . Know what I mean? I’ll bless you in. I’m a five star. They don’t question me. Say the word right now, I’ll put it in the books. When you walk outside tomorrow morning, or even in the next hour, all the ers is gonna salute you. What’s a five star? Never thought I had to explain it to you, know what I mean? Always thought Mel would be here to tell you. Five lanes, baby. First five to ever start this whole Blood Piru game. I mean game It goes deeper than what you see on the TV. Right now, what you read game got Bloods and Crips fighting over this. Five stars, we don’t gotta fight over that. Understand? We generals. We salute everything. We done bossed up. Everybody answers to me. don’t go down unless it goes through me. Before it was me, it was me and your pops. I love him to death, but what he taught me, I’m gonna use. I’m-a do for you what was done for me. Put you under the wing. You ain’t gotta worry about nothing. Know what I mean? You ready to come home? You really think that was a stray bullet? I mean, you gotta remember, son. The streets are talking. The streets are evil. You feel me? Like game People are negative. People were envious of the respect he had, ’cause he had it. You feel me? Like, niggas would be, like game “Yo, why he got all that for?” What about me? What I got?” Hold on one sec. Hello? What’s good? What? You can’t handle that? So you want me to come all the way over there? All right. I’ll be there in minutes, man. Fifteen minutes, man. Look, man, I make a rule real quick. Swing by the crib, we’ll chop it up. I mean talk a little more. All right. Look like you’re having a party right now. We just sitting, chilling, man. You got a problem. What’s the problem? I’m here. I know you’re here.

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