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The Best Date

The Best Date


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this joint would supply electricity to half of bloody Helmand if someone could work out how to turn it on. So where have you been? Ops room, Bastion. Sangin, then here. Sangin. Proper tasty, right? Telling me. Is this us? Nah. OMLTs. Teaching the ANA which end of a weapon’s the noisy bit. We’re up top, mate. So what’s it like up here? Right, OK, fellas Game It’s going on, that’s what it is, mucker. I quit the reg after Telic: Zero contacts, mate. I joined back when Herrick was on. Finally get a piece of the action. Rather be in the scrum than on a subs bench, do you know what I mean? Not really. Rugby’s a real game, mate. should play it. Tough bastards. I’m pretty sure Afghans don’t play rugby. Here, look, look, look. Give us a lift up, pal? Hop on, Tug. Do one, Prosser! Good for you, hat. dick swinger. Hop on, Mark! Did they come? Dunno, look in here, Spud. Sergeant McMellon. Signaller Jones. Shit the bed! I hope you know how to use a radio without batteries, Signaller Jones. For ‘s sake. Right, welfare box. Who wants it? Yeah, I’ll have it, Pross. Any decent scoff though, we split it, yeah? Prosser, stop twatting about and get that stuff up there! Fusilier AL Barlow’s got his porn re-sup. me, Ken, your mum looks hotter every month. Yeah, hands off, mate. The rest? Mark. Here you go, mate. Cheers, pal. Signals? Oman, yeah. Jonesy. Mark. How you doing, man? Good, mate. What the ‘s this? You dicks! You been up here before? No, first time. Aye, ar, mortar boys, you can have that one. Jay, you wanna show him around, mate. Well, we know where your basha is, Barlow. Keep an eye open, that’s all I’m saying, mate. Look. Luke, boat came in, mate. Skin ’em up will you. Prosser, catch you up there, pal. Yeah, man. it. Ten quid. Thanks Aunt Pam, just what I need out here. New TACSAT’s come in, Spud. I’ll set it up. This is Athens. You’ve got three-sixty all-round defence. Down here you’ve got the GPMG fifty cal. Clackers for the claymores. In here’s the interpreter’s place. That’s water, ablutions. You got burn pit, shit pit down beyond that.

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