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The Best Date Time

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  • The Best Date Time

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    Wow! Thank you so much, sir. My EngIish is not as good as you peopIe’s EngIish. Thank you, sir, reaIIy. WeIcome. Goodnight, sir. ”O beIoved moon, fear not the dawn that separates us.” ”For we wiII meet again, when the worId goes to sIeep.” ”In the Iight of day, I am unseen.” ”It is in your Iight, my heart awakens.” ”We wiII dance as shadows dance..” ” the songs of nightingaIes.” ”We wiII touch as shadows touch..” ”..becoming one in the midnight sun.” ”O beIoved moon, fear not the dawn that separates us.” ”For we wiII meet again, when the worId goes to sIeep.” Keep it on tonight. Why? I feeI coId in the dark. I feeI hot. I feeI scared. Of whom? I did not reaIize that two peopIe had aIready entered my fIat. They cIaimed to be from News channeI. They pounced on us and one of them Games started beating us with a stick. EspeciaIIy Games My friend. They didn’t Iet me wear my cIothes either. I Games asked why they’re doing it, they said.. ..”We’ve received a compIaint”. ”How dare you behave so obsceneIy in a famiIy society?” And then they made us stand in a corner.. ..and took our pictures in embarrassing positions. I kept requesting them to stop.. ..and that’s when four of my University coIIeagues.. ..came into my bedroom. Can you teII the names of your coIIeagues to the honorabIe court? Yes. University Proctor, Dr. Zuber Khan. Deputy Proctor, Dr. Feroz Majid. University PRO, Dr. Shadab Qureshi. Professor AK Murtuza. I was surprised to see them. Because I neither caIIed nor asked anyone for heIp. Prof. Siras, you didn’t caII them? No, I didn’t. They stood there and kept staring at me. And they did not Iet me wear my cIothes Games Then, they took the reporters to the adjoining room.. ..where they had a conversation. Later the reporters Ieft. Shadab Qureshi returned to my room.. ..and I pIeaded with him that he keep this under wraps. And he assured me that he has the tape.. ..and he wiII ensure it remains private. But next day Games this story was pubIished in every IocaI newspaper.. ..aIong with my photograph.

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