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The Avatar Couple Dress up

The Avatar Couple Dress up


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The Avatar Couple Dress up Description

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The Avatar Couple Dress up He’ll hold another ballot Monday morning because of JeanMarc who in?uenced some people by saying if I wasn’t the one laid off, maybe they would be. So I wanted to see you to ask if you’d vote for me to stay. Are many willing to lose their bonus? Six. I still have five to see, you included. Tell Mum I’ll be home forlunch soon. The six who’ve agreed Who are they? I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret ballot. Maybe they can manage without the bonus but I can’t. My wife and I were counting on it. You can’t ask this of me. I didn’t decide you’d lose your bonus if I kept my job. Neither did I. Put yourself in my shoes. Well Goodbye. Can I be frank? Yes. Dumont saw sixteen can do the job. Why would he take you back? With sixteen, Juliette told me you have to do three hours overtime a week. What if we do it to earn more? I don’t know. Dumont told me that if the majority wanted me to stay Monday, I’d stay. Good for you. See you Monday. Why are we back here? Maybe she hasn’t called because you gave her a wrong number. It’s no use. I don’t want to see anyone else. I want to go home. I’ll see the others tomorrow. Let’s go. Sandra, listen to me Julien’s got to you. The boss never said he’d pay overtime rather than have you back. He can’t know. He said it to discourage you. To stop you seeing the others. He’sjusl afraid of losing his bonus. Don’t fall for it. If she agrees, you only need two more. You’ll have seven. That’s nearly half. You’re not the one who has to go. I can come with you if you want. That’s the third. I need it! I’m still talking to my husband. He doesn’t agree. That’s all right. I understand, don’t worry. Anne! Goodbye. I’m trying to delay payment Forget it. I shouldn’t have come back. What’s going on? I’m talking to Sandra! You enjoy pissing people off? Get inside. Get inside! Cut it out! Are you ok? Let’s go home. You’re sure? I’m not pissing anyone else off. JeanMarc’s right. I’m not up to it anymore. Don’t say that. Your phone Hello? What are you doing? Yes, she’sjusl next to me. It’s Maxime. That’s good.

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