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Teen Snow White Ice Time 2

Teen Snow White Ice Time 2


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Teen Snow White Ice Time 2 Description

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Teen Snow White Ice Time 2 He can’t stand sleeping under a roof. Oh well, that’s alright for him. But what about you, huh? You’ll catch a cold one of these days. I’ve had one ever since I’ve been here. You don’t happen to have something around that is good for a cold? A little scotch or rum? Maybe a little gin. Nope. Does that guy give you anything? He gives me everything Flossy. Everything anyone could want. Excepting a stove.. Who let you out? What are you doing here? I was uh, just admiring that stove. That one. It’s beautiful ain’t it? And cheap too. Only five dollars. Five dollars down and only two dollars a month for months. No interest. No interest is right as far as I’m concerned. I don’t go for anything on the installment plan. In a year, that stove could be ours. A year? You think I’m going to hang around this town for a year? I never plan for more than days. I’ve been hanging round here to long as it is. It’s such a beautiful allround kind of stove. Forget it. But we could start with one of the small ones. By paying only dollars down.. Forget it! What’s for supper tonight? Stew. No kidding. Go on home. Bill. Go on home. Hey Bragg. I’ve been looking for you. Where’s that two bucks you owe me? What are you hounding me for? It’s only a week’s.. I know Flossy. It don’t pay to stall me. Stall you? Well, I’ve been working my head off trying to get the dough to pay you back. I’m working right now. You don’t look it. What kind of work? Serving a summons. What I mean is, trying to serve a summons. You get two bucks a go, this one’s so tough there’s a bonus goes with it. Ten bucks for this one. Well, why don’t you serve it and get your money? Why don’t I? What do you suppose I’ve been trying to do for three days? It’s for a dame in a show. You can’t get to her. What do you mean you can’t get to her? She’s got a bodyguard. What do you have to do with the summons? Just hand it to the party it’s made out for. Let me see it. For handing this hunk of paper to a dame, you get ten bucks? Cash! And you can’t do it? I ain’t the only one. I’m the third guy that’s tried this week.

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