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Teen Snow White Ice Skates 2

Teen Snow White Ice Skates 2


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Teen Snow White Ice Skates 2 Description

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They’re not gonna land in a minefield, buddy. Just sit tight. Hey! Drop smoke. We need to show him where to touch down, yeah. Game not land in the wadi. This is a hot HLS, repeat, mines, over The rocks. Land on the rocks. What’s he saying? He wants to bring him over. Alright, let’s do it then. No way. That’s thirty metres to carry him. You off! Bring him on! We wait! We get them to send in the ATOs, clear us a path out. Ammunitions Technical Officer. ATO, er. ATO. ATO. What the are they doing? ATO. TO. Take off. It’s like the YMCA. ATO. Charlie, what’s going on? They’re not moving. They’re signalling something. I can’t work it out. What’s going on, mate? The airframe’s here, but we can’t get you over there. For ‘s sake. Any call sign, tell the bird to clear the out of here! This is a hot HLS, repeat, mines. Over. They are posing a major risk to themselves and to us! Jar Head, SITREP. Jar Head, SITREP Jar head! Yeah? SITREP. Mark’s taken it in the chest and Stu’s been hit again. And the med’s down. Alex. Alex? OK? OK? Oi, Jar Head, get him out of here, man. get that man up. get him out of here. You do not let that man drop! Come on man, get your arse over here. Get him out. Help him out! It’s alright, mate, come on. Tug! What do I do? Tug, what do I do? Tug! Tug! Tug, what do I do? Game You Fu Game Somebody get that Game I’m dying, man. What do I do? Just hang tight, Mark. I’m gonna get you out of here. Come and help me out! Tug! Tug, what we doing? Prosser! Triage! Prosser! Triage! Erm Game Mark’s got wounds to the chest. It’s pretty ugly. Stu’s been hit again but Game I can’t see where, there’s loads of blood. Where’s the chopper? And Ken’s got no idea. And w Game what med kit have you got? all! I left the day sack over there. It’s still got a bit of stuff left. OK, erm. Ken. Ken, should be a day sack near you. Can you see it? Yeah, yeah it’s here. Alright, pal. Can you try and reach it for me? Ken, hell. He’s gonna set off another Game Ken, Ken! Don’t worry about it, mate. We’ll sack it off, mate. Don’t worry

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