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Teddy And Girl

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    Teddy And Girl Description

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    He’s always had money, so he’s a little better at spending it. Yeah, well, he’s now spending our money too, Don. You know what? The guy’s been pretty banged up since Judy left him, so he’s driving like crazy, spending like crazy. Split the damn accounts. Great minds think alike. Yeah. Okay. Got you something. What? It is the anniversary of our first date. Torrance. Rainbow Roller Rink. Saturday night. It was Friday night. Friday night. Mmhmm. You always had to be up for work so early on Saturdays. Sorry. But, damn, could you skate. I still can. Found a bunch of these rags laying around. Oh. Yeah. Thought I’d take a little page out of your playbook. Hey, did you know that sponsors love publicity? God, Don. It’s crazy. You’re such a Game What? I’m a snake, Torn? You look like a giant banana. He’s around here somewhere. Eric, Don Prudhomme. All right, you guys have a good night. You too. You too. All right, buddy. Ah, man. Thanks. Somethings gone terribly wrong with Don Garlits’ dragster. Looks like the entire front has been sheared off of the back. Safety teams are on the scene now. What a horrible mess. You hear about Garlits? No. What happened? He break another record? No, no, no. A real bad crash at Lions. Clutch exploded, blew off half his right foot. Oh, man. He going to keep his leg? I don’t know. Am I a doctor? Oh, I hope not. No, Garlits is a machine. He’s going to be back driving within the month. I can hear him at the hospital giving ’em hell, right? “You don’t race, you don’t eat.” Yeah, it sounds like Big Daddy. You know, he could have been killed. You guys act like he broke his damn nail. Well, accidents happen. I mean, it is what it is. Is that what you think, Don? I don’t think about it, honestly. I just drive. Come on, Lynn. Okay. That’s great. Oh, don’t forget the old briefcase. Hey, hey, hey, now. Hands off the Game that’s not for you, Don. For Christ’s sakes! The two of you need to grow up. Y’all think this is just all one big game. Lynn Game Come on, Tom.

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