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Teddy And Cute Girl

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  • Teddy And Cute Girl

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    Yeah, I hope one day I can show my grandfather this. You will. Now let’s get some sleep. Thanks, guys. Night, Deep. Night, Maura. Night, Alice. Night, Deep. Night, Maura. Night. sighing Friends. hacking Maura! Huh? Deep Maura! Alice Let us out! Where? Deep Here! Alice You ate us! Evo yawning gasping Evo Hi, guys, is it morning? coughing Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. shouting I knew it. Deep, this is your fault. My fault? How is it Ow, ow. I got this. Out, out. grunting Maura gagging Deep Look, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Until she actually digests and eliminates us, she Alice Gross! Okay, this usually works. Uh, relax me. Evo Relax you? I’m the one about to be shot through your butt. Evo, quiet. Maura, what can we do? Maura I like my tummy rubbed. Stop, stop, that tickles. laughing Higher! Lower! Lower! farts Sorry. Try singing, something nice. I can sing. Oh, joy. Deep’s an octopus Who doesn’t listen to the other fishes And gets his friends eaten Against their explicit wishes gagging Deep Eww. Yuck. Oh, gross. Phew, that was close. Well, I feel better. Evo I don’t. I got this. Push. Breathe. exhaling rapidly Breathe! Push! You can do it, Maura. Come on! Just push! screaming crying Congratulations, Maura. I’m so proud. And you are so not nursing. How dare you blame the victim, savage. chuckles All right, then. We’re all still here. It was all just a big misunderstanding. Let’s chalk it up to experience, okay? chuckling Ugh, what’s that smell? Hey, what are you looking at me for? Ouch. I think we’re getting close to that thing Norma told us about. Evo The entertainment business? Deep No, the Long Island, which puts us right near the City of Men. Alice Wow, they really wrecked this place. Maura So if Nathan’s here, we should be able to find him. Not a lot of places a whale can hide. I hope so, he’s all we got. Evo, will you quit banging into me. Let me swim in the back. Forget it, sister. Not after your little midnight munchie attack. Your breath will be giving me nightmares for years. I have a medical condition.

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