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Taylor Swift Makeover Time

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  • Taylor Swift Makeover Time

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    Taylor Swift Makeover Time Description

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    Taylor Swift Makeover Time Run! Run game Oh, my shadow. I did not look cute in that dress. We gotta hurry! Some many couple hours left till sunrise. And we still have the country to go! Hah! Oh, cute! I say we keep ’em. Yeah, let’s get ’em! Nope. Not playing dressup again. Let’s get out of here. Get ’em! Let’s go! I’m coming! Are we done yet? Not even close. Aw, man! Now who’s next on the list? Oh for Ashley. And one for Rachel. Ashley. Ashley. Mm. Huh? Wake up. Wow. Okay, got it. Run! There’s a dog! Ahh! Ha ha. Hairball, stop playing around. Thank you. Merry Christmas! I’m starting to get hungry. On your mark, set game Go! Squeak! Squeak, Maisy. Oh, no, look at me! I’m a poor defenseless little mouse who’s in the middle of this wideopen grassy knoll thingy, and I am way too old, blind and slow to move, but yet you cannot catch me. You must be the silliest, stupidest cat in history. Oh, oh, look how close you’re getting. Oh, you’re so close now. Can’t you smell my goody mouseness? Closer. Closer. I got you. I got you, kitty. Yeah, not as smart as you look, are you? Huh? I can’t believe you fell for that mouse, you silly little fourlegged rodent. That’s right. What? Oh, shut up, cat. We’re almost done, guys. That’s great. Homeward bound soon. What’s that sound? Nothing, Hairball. Probably just the wind. Look out! Shh! Quiet. Shh! Not a word. Not a word, cat. Not a word. Not a word from you. Ah, no! We’re gonna crash! Patches, do something! I’m trying! I’m trying! I think I’m gonna be sick! Ah, no! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! We’re going down! We’re out of control! Patches, put us down in the snow! If you would be so kind to point out where my reindeer and sleigh are. I am on a tight schedule, you see, and I’ve gotta get going. Get away from my son, you shopping mall freak! Wait! Wait! I’m game Claus. Oh, sure. And I’m Kate Middleton. Listen. Stop. Put that down. Watch. That’s just a magic trick. You had a candy cane in your other hand. Okay. Watch that. Hmm? Nice try. Tommy, go to my bedroom, and get my cellphone. No, Mom. That’s the real game. Tommy,

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