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Talking Cat Dress up

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    Talking Cat Dress up Description

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    Talking Cat Dress up And they made a prickly wreath for him out of rose thorns. And drops of blood instead of red petals adorned his pallid brow. I’ve finished. Maybe he has lost his ticket. Go ask him! You’d go ask him. I’m too young! It doesn’t hurt now, does it. Hello! I’m Alyona, and this is my brother Nikita. Could you exchange this money at the exchange bureau for us? Because we are minors. Do you agree? Or are you busy? Hello. All right, I’ll do it. Even though I’m a bit in a hurry. Let’s go, I know where they offer a good rate. There is a lineup, and I’m a bit in a hurry. Milochka, stay with Alyona and Nikita a while, will you? I will. And I will go in there through that door. I have a friend working in that bureau, she will do it quickly. I’m a bit in a hurry. This is a lot of money. They have a good rate here. I’ve never seen a note like this before. Curious Game Mommy, take me with you. A moment. A moment Game What’s this smell? No idea. I want borsch and a sausage with cabbage. Look, let’s be economical. Your economical ways again! Enough! I’ve found it and I decide what’s best! All right. Just for once. There still are some good people in this world Game How can we thank her? Why is it taking so long? There are many customers, maybe. Who are you? Who are you? What’s this? Go away! Go away! O my goodness Game What are you doing here? This area is for personnel only! Go away! Attention participants in the tolerance workshop, you are being met by Mr. Bogdanov on Platform One. Oh, did you hear? Bogdanov! Are you Bogdanov? Bogdanov! Oh, yes. Nikita? Where have you been? Why do you always get lost? Where have you been? How could you leave me? Don’t ever leave me! Beaten. And this one? A king. A queen! Get that! A six! Beaten! And this? Beaten. I’m. And I’m. A six! I’m leading. Lady! Lady! Lady! One moment. Lady Game Please announce that we are waiting for Alexei Bogdanov. He works here. Who is this Bogdanov? Tell him his daughter Alyona is here. And Nikita! Who is he? A cabinet maker. But he can do everything. Our furniture factory closed down and he lost his job.

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