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Talking Cat Dress up

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  • Talking Cat Dress up

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    Talking Cat Dress up Description

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    Talking Cat Dress up Perhaps it’s for the best. Now everyone knows what Mompracem is. We return the insult with something that will end up in the papers. You’d better put a job advert in there. If you keep acting the idiot like me, you’ll get in trouble! We don’t want to start a revolution. We want to change things slowly. We’re on a roll, we’re unstoppable. You’ll be all work and family in five years’ time. Games You got the time wrong. Try again! Games off! Games I’ve got other problems now. Games Shut up for once then! How did you end up going round with my brother? Forget it, it’s stupid really. Come on, tell us. Games Because of Viola. Games What? Sorry, Luca, I was following her Game You took over a Youth Center for a screw? Worse. He went after one and then got hold of another one. Great! Good ability to adapt, that’s an important quality. Well, it’s not really Game more of less! Games Sorry, Luca. Games More or less? Luca, I reckon it’ll be mayhem here for a few days. That’s alright for me, I can sleep in the bath tub too. Games Why don’t you ask daddy? Games I’d rather sleep in the station! That’s your problem! Games Why don’t you stay at my place? Games You sleep at the campus. I can sleep in Doveri’s room. We’ll squat in another place, right? Games Are you sure? Games No problem. Can you hear that, David? Games I knew he’d bring her Game Games How did you know? Are you mad? Games He’s a bull. Games I’m asking you nicely! David, shall I tell you about your latest adventures? You wanted to be a radical and you got reported to the police. Then you wanted that girl but your boss is screwing her in your bedroom. You see how the power Games pubic hair link works all the time. Doveri, off! If you get caught tell them Leoni is your lawyer, right? It’s the only way to avoid getting beaten up with a plastic bottle. If they hit you on the head, you’ll faint and be out of the game. If you meet the Nazis, curl up like a baby and get beaten. Games ! I’m all dirty Game Games You’ve got more eggs, right? Go, it’s the police! Did we getaway?

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