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Talented Mannequin

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    old book about a medicine man named Moses says to do it? Dress Up Games That’s religion for you. Dress Up Games Ha! OK. Well, um Dress Up Game Let’s talk about something else. When did you leave the reservation? You have a pretty nice dick, Jack. Thank you? You know I don’t believe in marriage, which is basically institutionalised slavery and the subjugation of women. I’ve never heard you say that before. Just because you’re married to my sister doesn’t mean you own her. So, what were we talking about before the dick thing? Uh, yeah. When did you leave the reservation? Last week I moved to a cooperative farm in Baton Rouge. Dress Up Games Yuck. Dress Up Games It’s pretty cool. Here. Help a sister out and get my back, will you? Dress Up Games I Dress Up Game Dress Up Games Thank you. Dress Up Games Oh, that smells awful. Dress Up Games It does not. It’s all Dress Up Games natural organic quinoa flax lotion with kelp and octopus placenta. Dress Up Games Octopus placenta. Dress Up Games Oh, such strong hands! My sister’s got such good taste. Oh, yeah. I’m a ing idiot with guys. Dress Up Games Really? Dress Up Games Mm Dress Up Games hm. Curly Bear left me. He embarrassed me in front of the whole tribe. I doubt it. He stole my Subaru Outback, credit cards and banjo. And my MacBook Pro. Dress Up Games I bet you called the cops. Dress Up Games No, of course not. If anything, I should be thanking Curly Bear. You know, I was so wrapped up in material BS that I was missing the moment. Yeah, I know that banjo was totally holding you back. Yeah. Dress Up Games Spin. I’ll do you now. Dress Up Games No. Trust me this stuff is like your skin never breathed before, like it’s been suffocating until today. Skin doesn’t breathe. You ever heard that? Dress Up Games It’s impossible. Dress Up Games Sure, Jack. Ohhh. It’s not sexual, Jack. It’s just people. Awesome! Well, thank you for the octopus placenta. Dress Up Games You’re welcome. Dress Up Games And that conversation. And I am gonna go anywhere else,

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