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    Millie. Oops. Why’d you say that? Chillax. I was just jokin’. Good game. Good game, good game. Good game, good game, good game. Good game. Good game. Well, at least you said somethin’ about that heathen. Did you see her face? Oh, hi, Beth. Looks like you get to continue your little match. Good game. Would’ve been if your daughter hadn’t pulled that stunt with Ginger. Oh. It was a joke. Besides, the whole town knows that Ginger is Game that kind. If your daughter can’t accept others, at least you can teach her some tolerance. Isn’t tolerance just a fancy way of sayin’ Game that we’re puttin’ up with somethin’ that we know is wrong? How ’bout some basic respect? Millie respects the Bible. Yeah. It’s real specific. Oh. Well, as long as we’re talkin’ specifics, I believe the Bible’s real clear about what you and Darryl Lee were doin’ Game at the mini golf course last week. If you say one more derogatory thing about Ginger, I got a real juicy Facebook post waitin’ to go out Game telling everybody in town how our miniature golf course now has a th hole. See y’all in church. Don’t you threaten my daughter! You think you’re such hot stuff around here, don’t you? You and your foulmouthed team are a bad influence on those girls. Oh, we’ll see who this community listens to. Come on, Millie! Darryl Lee? Young lady, you are so grounded! Hey, baby. Mm-mm-mm. Why don’t you let me lick those fingers for ya? We got any more of that flan, baby? No. But I think I got somethin’ real sweet Game you might like right here. Where you goin’, baby? Is she still out there? Yeah. Thought she’d be tired of this by now. I give her another Game week. I think this is different, Dad. Hmm? She’s been staying up every night practicin’. I think her whole team is really serious about this. Yeah? Okay. Uh-huh. – Hey, baby. – Where you been? I’ve been quail-huntin’ with Dan Metcalf. It’s after :. I don’t wanna argue. I’m tired. I found a hair clip in the pickup.

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