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Sweet Winter Fairy Time

Sweet Winter Fairy Time


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Sweet Winter Fairy Time Description

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an original or are you doing the same story? It’s basically right where the show left off. Snatcher is more powerful than ever. Galaxy is on the brink of destruction. The old alliances are broken, and there’s only one bear who can save it. Guess who? Brigsby. So like uh What happens next? Okay, so first, Pla’torian raiders come in on their lightships to Brigsby’s cabin in the desert where he’s lived his whole life and they take his bear parents prisoner. Then they bring him to a world that he never even knew existed. The Future Light Fortress. It is massive! And that’s when it gets complicated. He got to escape the palace. He travels to Forever Mountain gets the Sortis Crystal and then he finally, finally finds the Smiles Sisters. And, for the first time ever, Brigsby defeats Sun Snatcher, once and for all. And then maybe at some point he gets his bear parents out of space jail. ‘Cause if you think about what they did, it wasn’t even that bad. Dude, this is insane. It’s so good. Bro, we could use my camera. We could start shooting this thing right now. Like Brigsby’s the only one in that scene, right? Yeah. We could shoot that shit tomorrow, dude. Really? Yeah, man. I actually know a place that looks just like that an hour and a half away. And if we just add some green screen and some props. I mean, we’ve got some work, but it’s doable. Brigsby, what’s wrong? Wait, how did Brigsby get in there? Oh, yeah, so I uploaded some clips online. And I was going to send you the link I know you don’t got a VCR or whatever. And they’ve There are couple hundred views already. Tight. So now there are real people who are watching the show? Yeah, man. People are going to want to see this shit, dude. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. We just got to figure out the rest of that costume. And And you And you really want to do this with me? Yeah, man. I mean, there’s not a lot of stuff like this out there. And I’ve never done a whole movie. So, why not? And I got a drug test coming up in a couple weeks, so I’ve just been hanging around,

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