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Sweet Sisters

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  • Sweet Sisters

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    It’s our investigation. No one is as motivated as me. We owe it to Bonfils. The DA’s decided otherwise. The DA or Made’? Get out. An iTele exclusive now Game Contrary to their stated position, the government undertook secret negotiations over a ransom for the release of French hostages in Congo. A ransom in the form of weapons for rebels in the East. The operation aborted when the cargo crashed into the Gulf of Guinea. The President refused to comment. Can I go? Yes. I’m at a loss for words. It’s quite intolerable. There have been lists of weapons, massive transfers of funds Game The government has lied to the nation. For weeks. I demand an explanation from the President. Ministers are panicking. The opposition wants an inquiry. The hostages’ release would turn the election. I know it and that bastard Perrot knows it. Deliver all the arms you want. If they’re released, the President will be eternally grateful. But whatever you do, you’re on your own. Still don’t know who leaked it? No. I thought I’d solved the problem. I was wrong. Do what you must, Victor. I won’t even sell you a slingshot. Find someone else. I made a list. Beneficiaries, amounts, your accounts in Luxemburg. Your percentages Game I know your account numbers, too. I even kept your father’s, as a souvenir. You’ll sell me the arms, like it or not. Calm down, Flandin. Take a break. It’ll help you think this through. When the bank’s ready, I’ll call. Two tycoons, two ministers, a former prime minister and you. The judges will love it. Friend of the President or not, screw you! You’re finished! Iganev promised to call me back with the flight plan. I saw Flandin. He’s nervous. He saw his lawyers yesterday and stayed out of the office. He can see himself in court. You think he’s dangerous? Yes. He’s weak. And the source of the leak? I’ve stopped looking. This time, only my closest allies know about it. Hold on Game Happy birthday. Thanks, that’s kind of you. Come to my party Saturday. Bring your wonderful heroin.

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