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Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover Time

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  • Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover Time

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    Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover Time Description

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    your majesty. Who should we investigate and blame as all the assassins are dead? And servants with swords can’t be nothing but private soldiers. lt would be the right thing to do for the prime commander to show initiative to vest his servants to great army. l have but myself to blame for this. l’ll send all the servants related to this accident to great army so that it doesn’t become an issue any more. l will forbid further discussion on this matter. l’ll strictly reprimmend anyone who mentions this again. Beware! lsn’t this his lordship, the prime commander? What brought your precious presence here? l came to hunt together as it’s been a while. l’ll be more than happy! You’re always welcomed. Let it begin! Your skills didn’t rust at all. l was just lucky as everyone here is very fast and good. Of course they are as fast as wild animals since they do nothing but hunting everyday. Was it you to have sent me the guests, your highness? l’m so sorry to hear you think me that way. How could you train and extend private soliders like this? You know Games l’m just amusing myself by hunting animals with these playboys. Then please send them to great army. Why are you trying to go through the large scale military training at the timing like this? To unite all the military power of the nation as one army. Are you trying to attack the east of Liaohe River, or aiming the throne using the young crown prince? You’re going too far. Well Games you might not understand the real reason for this training. As you are just a henchman of Lord Sambong. Private soldiers are dividing the nation’s power Games Min-jae. Look, Lord Kim Min-jae. l want to hear your thoughts, not the ones of Lord Sambong. ls this man sitting in front of me Kim Min-jae or Lord Sambong, Jung Do-jeon? Are you satisfied with playing Lord Sambong’s right hand man? l don’t belong to anyone. l just serve the king and protect the people with my sword. l wish it would be what you really mean. Are you that happy? Yes, l am, sir. Didn’t expect other lords would assist

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