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Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover 4

Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover 4


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Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover 4 Description

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Sweet Salsa Dancer Makeover 4Dismissed? Sent home. Expelled. But what has he done? What do the gentlemen say? Oh, they go into no detail. They simply say Here. Read it. Read it for yourself. It’s no good, miss. I never learned. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. They say that it is impossible to keep him. Why? That he is game an injury to the others. Master Miles? Him, an injury? Oh, stuff and nonsense. You might as well think ill of Miss Flora, bless her. You’ve never known him to be bad? Oh, I wouldn’t say that. You mean you like a boy with spirit. Well, so do I, but not to the degree to game contaminate. To what? To corrupt. Master Miles? Oh, miss, are you afraid he’ll corrupt you? Miles is coming! Miles is coming! Miles is coming! Bly! Bly station! Miles! Miles! Miles. You’re Miss Giddens, aren’t you? Yes. How do you do? Oh, thank you, Miles. She’s our new governess, Miles, and she’s awfully nice. I hope Miles will agree. Come now. Nothing’s changed. Oh, I’ve been longing for these holidays. Holidays? Longing to see Bly and Mrs. Grose and Flora. And you. Flora wrote and told me you were coming. Did you have a good term at school? Look, Miles! There’s the lake. Oh, it is nice to be back. I hope you won’t be lonely game with just Flora and Mrs. Grose and me. Were you happy at school? May I tell you something? Yes, Miles, of course. I think you’re far too pretty to be a governess. And I think you’re far too young to be such a deceitful flatterer. Dearest Mrs. Grose! It is nice to be home. Stop! Stop! You’ll have me out of breath! Come along. It’s all just the same. Somehow I don’t know I was afraid it might be different. Oh, nothing ever changes here, Master Miles. You look a bit thin though. We’ll have to fatten you up. Oh, Miles, you haven’t seen the pony! May we? Yes, of course! Come on! Well, miss? It’s just as you said. Charm seems to run in the family. And that cruel letter? It must be a misunderstanding, a mistake. Yes, a mistake. So, uh, what will you say to Master Miles? I shall have it out with him later on. That can’t be avoided.

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